One Day Carbine


Glenn is the man! He is very well spoken and offers substantive instruction in his classes. I've taken both pistol and carbine. My accuracy with pistol improved tremendously, and I learned how to handle my firearm more efficiently. Glenn's drills are also easily repeatable at home (dry fire), or at the range. Highly recommend taking a class from him!

-John G

One Day Carbine


I had the opportunity to attend Glenn's Carbine course this last week. What a learning experience!
This was the first rifle class I have ever attended and I felt like I knew what I was doing going into the course and that I had a good grasp on how to shoot, but I quickly learned I hardly knew anything. Glenn did a great job teaching and being patient with me.
Right out of the gate we were sighting in and getting our rifles ready when my AR started having troubles. He took a look at it and had someone put some oil on it hoping that would fix it. Tried again with no such luck. still not working. Glenn, seeing me frustrated with my rifle jumped into quick action and said something the effect of: "You paid for this course, you are shooting this course." Then handed me his Rebel Arms AR... I didn't ask him to do this, he just did it because he has the desire to teach and make sure I knew what I was doing. This spoke to his character and who he is as a person and I have a great respect for him.
He also taught me how to shoot with my off hand (which I have never tried before) and I was hitting steel with it. He is a world class teacher in my book and I cannot wait to get out and take another course. I could go on and on about how great of a day it was, but don't take my word for it, take one of his course yourself. You will not be disappointed. One last thing, Thank you to Glenn's wife for making the best banana bread Muffins! they were amazing!

-Jesse H

One Day Carbine


I took the 1 day carbine course, had a great time, and learned a ton. Glenn is a great teacher and does quite well to correct errors, and really improve the ergonomics of your shooting overall. I would reccomend this class to a shooter of any experience level.

One Day Handgun

-Randall S

One Day Handgun


I took the one day handgun class with Glenn Plunkett this weekend, and learned a lot, great class. Glenn is very professional and a great teacher and instructor. I highly recommend attending Glenn's course.

-Brandon M

One Day Handgun


Hi Glenn,


John G here. I was the short dude who took your pistol class last month with the S&W 9c. Been talking a lot with Wyatt these last couple weeks about what we liked and what we didn't like about the class.

Basically, everything was perfect. We learned an enormous amount and are looking to procure some AR500 steel targets for ourselves.

Here was a list, in no particular order, of the stuff that really stuck with me:

1) The mag holders were an excellent idea and I use them every single time I go shooting.

2) The reloading table walk was an excellent time to reset and think about the shooting you had just done.

3) You talked a lot about dry fire. I'm still not 100% sure how to effectively dry fire, and what kind of training is involved with dry firing.

4) You're an incredibly knowledgeable individual. Have you considered doing 1 or 2 hour seminars? I could have listened to your coaching for hours. Also, we found your YouTube videos, and if you were to add more, I would watch them in a heartbeat. Specifically related to concealed carry, weapon maintenance, etc.

5) I wanted to hear more about your experience as an armor in the Air Force, and any information related to weapons that would be pertinent for amateur shooters, and/or CCL/CCW weapon holders.

6) I use the phrase "sight picture" all the time now.

7) It seemed, that we combined "normal" shooting, and concealed carry shooting throughout the day. From what I've read online, the fundamentals are similar, but there are tactics involved in a concealed carry situation. A separate 4 hour class would be ideal for how to conceal carry well.

8) I shot a target at 50 yards with a sub-compact pistol. This, alone, is absolutely phenomenal and mind blowing. I never would have guessed I was capable of hitting a target that far away with such a small pistol.

9) Drawing from the holster was an excellent training session.

10) Shooting while moving was an eye opener. I still remember you can only move 2.5 mph.

11) Starting with the bullseye and adding up the points was a good first exercise. It really was a reality check.

12) Shooting steel at the end was good for me. I really had to focus on fundamentals before having fun.

13) Good call on bringing 500 rounds.

14) The class was not boring at all. You held my attention for all 8 hours.

15) The class was well organized.

16) Professionalism was on point. At no point was I nervous about being there.

17) I'd like to take more classes! Do you think you'll have more classes that are 4 hours?

Thanks again sir, I plan on taking more classes!


-John G


Glenn is a very personable guy, he's easy to talk to, down to earth and the kind of man that makes you consider your preconceived limitations of your abilities and stretches you past them. 

We had a few brief few moments before my other classmates arrived to get to know one another. Within 5 minutes he had me considering shooting a compact pistol beyond 25 yards. More on that to come later.  Before we even began I knew that I was going to learn a lot from him.

The class was held at JROC in Timber, OR. Which is just gorgeous!! We were instructed that class was rain or shine so dress appropriately and bring lunch. I'm a huge fan of this because I think shooting rain or shine really separates the women from the girls (or men from the boys).  Luckily for us, it didn't rain. 

It was a bit chilly and at one point I asked if he wouldn't mind if I wore shooting gloves. (Some instructors would skin you alive for such a request). He said no and then said he doesn't wear any because he looses dexterity. (Someone should show him PIG gloves...hint hint Glenn!). The only downside that I have with the range and environment is the restroom was "the bushes" which for a lady is more challenging. But being raised hiking and camping, this didn't phase me as I was prepared.  Ladies plan accordingly. We got multiple breaks throughout the day for snacks, water, and the bathroom. I never felt rushed and I never had to worry about missing anything. I also never felt like I was ready and waiting on others to finish their break. It was just the right balance. 

Glenn began the class listing his qualifications as an instructor (which is incredibly important and a trademark of a profession) and his background in firearms. He had so much experience that I can't remember it all. Basically, he trains Air Force PJ's as his second enlistment. He also has a wife and daughter who support him and it's evident that he has practiced things like 1 handed shooting because he is holding his child in the other hand. A very real life real world scenario which I appreciated.

Next he gave a safety brief, which was an actual safety brief. Not just the typical review of the 4 rules and move on. It also included a first aid plan, emergency management, IFAK and supplies, who would be in charge, and how we would help the person. This in my mind is a HUGE thing that many large schools don't address and is only the second time I've seen it done at a class. Knowledge is power and knowing the plan ahead of time really helps. 

Now for the shooting part!  

We began with a 10 shot 25 yard assessment to get a good idea of where people were at.  That's a really tough test to start with. It brings a level of reality to your personal abilities and where you need to improve.  He then immediately went to work addressing our problems areas with positive suggestions. We all improved very quickly. We moved on to combat accuracy at the 5 yard line which made me feel a lot better!  Before long we were at the 7, then 10, then 12 etc lines. As we got better the class got harder. Glenn told us that if we weren't challenged and stretching that he wasn't doing his job.  I should note that it wasn't impossible and in the end we were all successful in the new challenges. Before long we were drawing, shooting and engaging multiple targets with multiple rounds at 7-15 yards. 

The class size was small, like, 5 students total small. This made achieving proficiency happen fast and accuracy; well ACCURATE!  Glenn's attention to detail and ability to reinforce positive things to correct mistakes rather than negative, is the mark of a true professional instructor.  I should also mention that we had a variety of guns on the range and he was competent in helping each type of gun. We had one guy who was shooting a DA/SA trigger and Glenn kept him on target fast and easy, not as easy task!  He was so good that more than a few times I wished I would have brought my Sig 229.  I had to settle for my M&P Pro. 

We broke for a bit and then the steel came out. Man I LOVE shooting steel!!!  That "PING" is oh so satisfying!  We did drill after drill, moving, multiple targets, shooting, retention drills, everything!  I've gone to 40+ hour handgun courses in the past and never got to do the contact drill, (striking, drawing, point shooting, and moving back 3 yards).  We did so many drills that I can't remember them all. The best thing was that they built upon one another. This may seem like a very basic point, but designing a class and drills to build on new skills is more challenging than one might think. 

By the end of the day we were shooting and moving between barricades, barrels, and doing all kinds of really fun drills. With proficiency!  Things like "while walking at 5 yards engage all 3 targets with 2 rounds, in rhythm, with accuracy, single weak hand". -No big deal right?  HAH!  I had my doubts at my personal success. But then I DID IT!!  With ACCURACY!  (Accuracy over speed mind you!)

I started the class with the idea of "anything beyond 25 yards just get a rifle". As Glenn pointed out, sometimes you don't have a rifle and have to make due. Yes that means even with your tiny sub compact that you carry. By the end of the day the entire class was back at 70 yards with handguns shooting and getting hits on his steel targets that were smaller then the front sight. I was HIGHLY impressed!  One guy had a DA/SA Pistol and another a M&P compact. We all were on target!  

I can't say enough positive things about my day with Immediate Action concepts!  The class was fun! The instructor knowledgable! The site beautiful!  Price was great and the round count was also right on par!!  I can't wait to take another class!  Or even this class again (he changes the course content each time). From beginners to experienced, Immediate Action Concepts has something for every shooter!


-Michelle T.

P.S. At the end of the day we were also asked to pick up our brass and clean up the area for the next shooter to use the range. As a no trace behind outdoor enthusiast that small detail was also not lost on me.


One Day Handgun


I was able to get out and shoot the pistol class, I won from Immediate Action Concepts, this last Saturday and learned a lot. The class covered a wide variety of topics and I found the pace to be about perfect; with some fast paced sections, and others that slowed things down. He was able to point out some very specific things I could improve on, which I look forward to developing. The coursework packet he provided includes a lot of helpful information including a dry fire workout, that I see getting worked into my regular dry fire practice. He is a humble instructor and someone I look forward to learning from in the future.


-Zachary P.

One Day Handgun


I took a one day hand gun class with Glenn last weekend, I was so nervous at the beginning but Glenn made me feel comfortable and was alot of help. I learned so much from his class. When I get the chance I will take another class. I highly recommend him, if you ever get the chance to work with Glenn you won't be sorry.


-Lisa S.

One Day Carbine


1 Day Carbine More like day and a half worth of value. At least to me. This course was way more than what I would expect from a big name, big volume training school. While Glenn's 1 day pistol course is exceptional to say the least, the M4 platform is obviously his bread and butter. The amount of movement drills, barricade shooting in hasty positions, elevation and strong/support side transitions, clear concise instruction with a great light hearted, but direct teaching style, great student driven progressive pace and solid basis in fighting fundamentals is an exceptional value at twice the price. I took away more knowledge and knowledge of holes I need to stitch up than I could've imagined. The class sizes are still small, but I don't see that lasting long at all. Once again, thank you for an awesome training experience. You know your shit and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge.


-Jason S.

One Day Handgun


Glenn Plunkett. Squared away as hell should sum it up. As a former reserve LEO I've been through basic handgun application though it was over a decade ago and truthfully, Glenn's 1 day, 8 hour class gave better knowledge, better explanations of applications, better explanations of biomechanics as it applies to defensive firearms and better, far better overall quality of training than I received in 9 weeks at (the academy). I've been shooting for a long time, but Glenn has put new ideas and methods in my head to improve my speed, flexibility and physical readiness as it was obvious I need to work on my recovery from kneeling(3 blown knees). This is honestly as good as I could ever imagine a 1 day class could be. Great instruction and awesomely organized, thought out and relevant curriculum. Anyone wanting the BEST VALUE I can imagine in firearms instruction from a highly skilled, intelligent, personable guy. Glenn is the man.

-Jason S.

One Day Carbine


To become good at something, we must train. Training is the key to success, but if and only if we are being taught by a master. That’s why I keep taking firearms classes at Immediate Action Concepts. In the past, I took a pistol class with Glenn and my shooting abilities sky rocketed. When I saw in his page that he was going to be hosting a carbine class, I just couldn't let it pass.

In the past I took some carbine classes, but that didn’t mean that I wasn’t going to learn from this one. As usual, we went over safety brief and Glenn introduced an actual paramedic, who was going to be in charge in case an accident happened. Once again, Glenn was super prepared because we were far away from a hospital.

After the safety brief, we got down to business. Right from the beginning, the class took me to a level of firearms training that I had never experienced before. We zeroed out our rifles and after we got them zeroed out at 50 yards, we started to do some real training.

I had my rifle set up for 25 yards, but Glenn explained me the pros and cons of 25 and 50 yards zero, which was pretty awesome because I always have numbers running in my mind and the way he explained it made so much sense to me.

We started with a warm-up drill and later on we got to shoot steel plates 200 yards away.

We were being pushed so hard that I had to take my jackets off, even though, it was pretty cold.

During lunch, Glenn started talking about gear placement. Yes, he never stopped teaching and mentoring us. He talked about putting your magazines on your plate carrier, or in your belt, and many other important things like that.

At some point, Glenn hit the gas pedal and started running the class faster and stronger with a lot of shooting in the move and moving to shoot drills. I could go on and on about how many drills we did that day, but that would make me write for a few hours.

This class was like nothing I had attended before, no sir; this was worth every single coin that came out of my pockets.

Most of the instructors out there, too many to know all of them, have classes divided into categories; for example, carbine I, carbine II, low light courses, on and on. Glenn in the other hand does not do that because like he said, “I adapt to my students needs and capabilities, every time you take a course from me, the class will be completely different; however, always keeping the basics strong and clean.”

We need a very strong base supporting us, but once our base is strong we need to start building, this is what makes Glenn different, he builds you from the ground up, all you need to do is to listen to what he says, be open minded and have a good time.

I will definitely take more courses from Immediate Action Concepts, meanwhile I will keep my motor skills sharp by using all the drills Glenn provided me with on the student package, that he gave to all of us who attended his Carbine course. Yes, he sends you home with “homework” to do, so you can keep training until you achieve the success you are looking for.


-David G.


Two Day Handgun


Several years ago I took a beginner’s and a few advanced defensive firearm training courses.

I took Glenn’s Two Day Handgun course (25 October 2014) hoping to knock the rust off and learn a new thing or two.

Let me tell you, that's exactly what it did.

It was a fun and knowledgeable weekend.

I’m looking forward to some more training time with Glenn in the future.


Nathaniel N.

Low Light/No Light Law Enforcement Only



Thank you for coming out and teaching live fire utilizing NVG and Lasers for us on 10/22/14.  As always, you were very knowledgeable regarding the topic you were teaching, and you were able to pass along great information to the guys.  Thanks for being flexible with the times and schedule. We appreciate your dedication to helping us be better shooters.


Bill P. (SWAT Operator/Trainer)


One Day Handgun


"Who Am I? Private citizen who has attended James Yeager & Tactical Response hosted at Clint Smith's Thunder Ranch as well as a handful of more local classes. I compete in USPSA Action Pistol and Multigun Competitions at a local level (Run&Gun with pistol, shotgun and carbine/AR-15).

The Bottom Line: I would recommend this course. The course was a challenging and fun sampler-platter of the techniques and skills that are presented at the BIG-NAME schools... for a fraction of the price. So, if you plan on going to Haley Strategic, Tactical Response etc this would be a great primer. If you can't afford a plane ticket and entrance to a BIG NAME school this will get you headed in the right direction. Or, if you've already taken some advanced courses the one-day pistol offered by Immediate Action Concepts is a cost-effective refresher because firearm skills expire if you don't use them.

AAR: I attended the 1-day pistol course and I'd say I got more than my money's worth. The curriculum built upon shooting and fighting fundamentals amalgamated from a variety of very credible sources. Reloading techniques channeled Travis Haley while James Yeager's principal of incorporating movement into one's pistol draw (the famous  GET OFF THE 'X') also made welcome cameos. Common drills such as "El President`e" were juxtaposed against the "2-2-4-2 Drill" and the "1-2-3-4-5 Drill" as well as shooting while moving. Engaging targets while weaving around barrels and other more advanced techniques that you'll see at name brand schools were included (drill was similar to Tactical Response's "Fighting Pistol"). Moving immediately from speed-shooting drills to slow precision firing helped balance a slow crisp trigger press against the need to engage multiple targets quickly.
The class size was very small which meant more trigger time which was a major plus. As the inaugural class put on by the company I definitely felt I got my money's worth and the class covered topics dealt with in much more expensive classes which I've attended.  The focus on the course I attended was mainly on shooting, as compared to other courses I’ve taken where considerable time was devoted to developing mindset and details on the legal, emotional and physical ramifications involved with the use of force.

The Venue: "The Place To Shoot". The indoor range was clean and we were given free-reign of our own 15 yard indoor shooting bay. The range was clean and the staff was friendly and professional. The range prohibited shooters to bring reloads and required us to buy their ammunition which was priced similar to what you'd pay for non-bulk ammo at Dick's but noticeably more than you'd pay at BiMart or online. This probably wouldn't bother most people but since I have gallon ziplock bags full of match-grade pistol reloads sitting on my bench at home it bothered me a little. That said, I'd still take the class again and I would still recommend the range for most people."


-Richard L


I had the pleasure of being part of the opening handgun class on September 20th. Glenn was a great instructor and an amazing shooter. After the first hours into the class I started to fix all my bad habits that I have been developing since I start shooting. I'm glad I took the course because Glenn really helped me to correct my issues. I wish I had four hands, so I could give Glenn and his company four thumbs up. I recommend Immediate Action Concepts to all my friends and to all law abiding citizens. All I can say is thank you Glenn for all the teachings.


-David G



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